Lectures and readings

Lecture attendance is mandatory. Due to the unique nature of this class, you will not be able to complete the homework if you are not present in the lectures. The lecture/reading schedule are on the course website.


Grades will be entirely homework based; there will be no exams.


1) You may work on homework in groups, but you must submit your own original work. Clear explanations of the logic involved is required for full credit.

2) Do not use calculating devices for any of your homework problems unless directly asked to. Remember, in this class, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is about 3, and 3 squared is about 10.

3) Try, if at all possible, to avoid looking up numbers on the internet as your are solving problems. We would rather you make an educated guess based only on the intuition and experience of you and the people you work with, even if that guess is "wrong." If you do look something up, indicate that on your submitted homework.

4) Homeworks must be turned in on time, at the beginning of class. During the course of the term, you are allowed one extension for three days. E.g., a homework due on Friday at 2pm must be turned in by 2pm on the following Monday. Alert the TAs ahead of time if you are taking this extension. Aside from this one extension, no late homeworks will be accepted unless you have a good excuse, such as a note from a health care provider or dean.